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The “Be Accountable” Leaders Community

Do you find yourself concerned that the week is slipping away? A number of people we’ve talked to feel their routines have been significantly interrupted due to work from home and physical distancing policies. If you are worried that the important things you need to accomplish are slipping by..… Consider our Complimentary Accountability Community.

What is included in this Complimentary Program?

  • Leading in a CRISIS assessment from OutMatch
  • Sales Mastery OR Sandler Management Solutions Virtual Training 
  • 30 minutes of group coaching with like-minded people every Monday Morning
  • Checkin every Wednesday
  • 30 minutes of group coaching with like-minded people every Friday Afternoon


Here is how it works:

Every Monday @ 8:30am-9:00am - Check In for the week with an Interactive Zoom Meeting with like-minded colleagues – You commit to your priorities for the week and we provide some Sandler insights and guidance.

Every Wednesday - we will remind you of your commitments and check in

Every Friday @ 12:00pm-12:30pm - Check Out for the week with an Interactive Zoom Meeting with like-minded colleagues - During this session we will review how we did against our goals, identify behaviours that need to be refined and learn some lessons about ourselves.

We will also provide some Sandler Insights within these sessions, such takeaways will be:

  • Mindset in times of uncertainty

  • Engagement in times of uncertainty

  • Remote selling in times of uncertainty

  • BAT of crisis in times of uncertainty

  • Questions to ask in times of uncertainty

Monday Morning Check-In

How do you participate?

Next week is a new round. Identify your task goals for the upcoming week, below, and we will invite you to our Check-In meetings starting next Monday.

One favor: Please invite a guest who can benefit from these workshops as well.

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