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Anchor Sales Knowledge | Sandler Training in Manitoba

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Sandler Essentials

We serve Sales Teams/Individuals who are  just starting out, or seasoned professionals wanting to up their game

Join our Sandler Essentials (In-person or virtually)

Outcomes to Expect

In this program, you’ll learn Sandler’s proven best practices on how to work smarter, foster meaningful connections with prospects and customers, and strategically target the deals you’re most likely to close.

  • Apply a systematic approach to every selling opportunity
  • Conduct business conversations rather than product pitches
  • Exhibit equal business stature with prospects and customers
  • Engage the right players early to eliminate future roadblocks
  • Apply key metrics to qualify or disqualify an opportunity
  • Close higher-quality business with greater predictability and higher margins
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The Sandler Essentials Program is for Salespeople who:

  • Want to confidently overcome stalls and objections

  • Desire to forge lasting relationships with prospects and customers

  • Want to consistently meet or exceed sales quotas and goals

  • Need to identify the most promising opportunities and stop wasting time with prospects who won’t commit

  • Seek to thrive in a challenging and competitive environment

Sandler Essentials Program Outline

  • The Success Triangle: Most sales training focuses only on one element – technique. This leads to short-term change if anything at all. This session is an opportunity to pause, reflect on your career, and discover how longterm success is dependent on the inextricable connection between attitude, behavior and technique. map out your future.
  • The Buyer-Selling Dynamic:The buyer’s journey is rapidly transforming into one that is digital and increasingly independent. Armed with information, the educated buyer seeks out sales consultants who enable and empower them to make their buying decisions.
  • DISC: A behavioral assessment tool designed to enhance interpersonal communication by fostering a deep understanding of diverse communication styles, promoting self-awareness, recognizing others' preferred communication styles, and adapting behavior accordingly for more effective interactions.
  • Essential Communication Skills: Imagine a world where you could quickly create rapport with prospects without resorting to small talk about the weather or their favorite sports team. This no-fluff session can get you there. It focuses on the essentials for communicating effectively and building mutual trust with buyers. 
  • Initiating Buyer-Focused Conversations: Cold-calling is just one prong of an omnichannel prospecting approach, but it’s an important one. If the idea of cold-calling prospects makes you sweat, you’re far from alone. The pressure to make a good first impression with a potential client is enough to make anyone nervous. But it doesn’t have to be that way
  • Creating Mutual Agreement: Most people have experienced meetings that go off point, get derailed, or are overall ineffective. An Up-Front Contract is a tool that helps sales professionals set expectations upfront and establish control over their meetings.
  • Discovering Buyers’ Motivations: Loss aversion is a powerful motivator. Customers’ buying decisions are driven by an instinct to avoid loss, solve problems, and alleviate pain. By identifying what hurts, you appeal to your buyer’s intrinsic motivation to change—and to invest in your solution.
  • Better Understanding through Asking Questions: From loaded questions to disguised objections, buyers’ questions can feel risky to answer. Discover how to maintain momentum throughout the sales interaction while navigating stalls and objections with tact. Instead of leading with your own expertise, you’ll learn how to use curiosity to cultivate trust. 
  • Understanding Investment Parameters: Nothing provokes anxiety in a salesperson like talking about pricing. What if the buyer doesn’t have a budget for an investment? What if their budget is too low? What if they don’t want to talk about it? Investment conversations don’t have to be uncomfortable and there is much more to an investment decision to buy a new product or service than just the budget. 
  • Identifying the Decision-Making Process: Buyers‘ decision-making processes are growing increasingly complex with an increasing number of decision-makers involved in every sale. It has never been more difficult—or more important— for a salesperson to gain access to key decision-makers and understand how their buyers make decisions. 
  • Communicating the Solution and Closing the Sale: In sales, whether a deal closes is decided by the many qualifying events that occur well before closing. Closing the deal is the end game in sales, your presentation doesn’t have to feel like a highstakes event that makes or breaks it. 

Upon completion and passing Sandler Essentials you will be graduated to our >>Sales Development Series<<


We deliver this training in-person at 376 Donald St #2, Winnipeg, MB & online in a small group setting.

Call us at 431-588-1451 or email

See what others are saying about our program >>HERE<<

"As someone relatively new to Sales, I am grateful to have begun my formal training with the Sandler system; the philosophy resonates with me and I'm finding the techniques to be quite practical and useful. Anchor Sales Knowledge has done a great job in introducing the program and providing engaging exercises and tools that have helped me internalize the principles and integrate them within my sales activities at work. I would highly recommend this program to any sales professional, or to managers looking to provide their sales team with a solid grounding in some important sales concepts."

Mark Y