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Boot Camp

Prospecting/Cold Calling Boot Camp 


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Prospecting/Cold Calling Boot Camp

Prospecting/Cold Calling Boot Camp is an interactive sales workshop designed to produce results, learn effective cold calling techniques, and overcome call reluctance. Participants will learn the no pressure prospecting call and develop a customized approach geared to their business, how to get past gatekeepers, when and how to leave voice mail, how to overcome stalls and objections, and deal directly with the causes of call reluctance.

The best prospectors often close more business than the best salespeople. Over 90% of salespeople surveyed tell us they can sell - they just need to get in front of more prospects. Effective prospecting blends both marketing and selling. Most salespeople HATE to prospect. Nearly 60% of high performing prospectors consider the phone ESSENTIAL to their prospecting success. Decision makers listen to only 9 seconds of a "cold" voicemail before pressing delete.

You don't have to like cold calls, you just have to make them!

In this workshop you will learn how to:

     ✅ overcome fear of picking up the phone

     ✅ convert qualified leads into real opportunities to fill your pipeline

     ✅ put a real prospecting plan in place that you can follow

     ✅ make cold calls fun and effective

     ✅ leave voice mails that get you returned phone calls

     ✅ get past gatekeepers more often

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VIRTUAL - FALL 2022 Prospecting/Cold Calling Boot Camp $500
IN-PERSON - FALL 2022 Prospecting/Cold Calling Boot Camp $500

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**Money Back Guarantee**

Cancellation Policies Refunds & Transfers:

1. $50 of your investment is non-refundable.
2. Your investment is transferable* until two days before the start date.
3. Your remaining investment is refundable until the first hour of the FIRST DAY.

Satisfaction Guarantee** We offer a money-back guarantee during the bootcamp, no questions asked, under the following conditions: (i) You must attend all of the first hour training engagement; (ii) You must complete all coursework assigned by the trainers; (iii) You must notify a trainer or member of the office staff in person or by email ( on the first day and, (iv) You must return all materials received.

Please contact Clint at with any questions.

*You may transfer your Sandler Bootcamp ticket. Transfers can only occur once. The Sandler team must approve the transfer of your ticket to another individual in advance. We reserve the right to decline transfers to individuals who would not otherwise qualify for a ticket.
**Money back guarantee is the full remaining amount after initial non-refundable deposit of $50 to cover cost.

"The Sandler Manitoba training by ASK (Clint Unrau) is very well done and will serve me well going forward in the Sales profession. Clint has a lot to offer from both an Academic and Real Life skills component and I would highly recommend anyone looking for an edge to engage with Clint and the Sandler Team!"

Neil Murray Industry: Telecommunications