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The Sandler Research Center

Capturing opinions and perceptions regarding today’s most impactful selling issues


Serving sales leaders and organizational stakeholders who continuously wrestle with challenging issues

Sandler has partnered with Top Sales World to deliver tangible value and make a difference in the fast-changing world of sales. The unique synergy of these two organizations will provide critical insight and direction to commercial organizations across the globe.

Sandler and Top Sales World’s global reach creates a significant research authority that addresses the dynamics of selling today and into the future. The results will provide a snapshot of best practices shared by the most successful organizations.


Download the Latest Research

Get access to the cutting-edge sales white papers to benchmark your organization against the best of the best. Click the links below to access the results. 

  • The Critical Elements of Proactive Client Retention

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  • The Hunt for New Clients

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  • The Client Experience

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  • The Essential Components for Sustaining
    Overachieving Sales Performance

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  • Leading From the Front in Challenging Times

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[NEW SURVEY] What Buyers Want and How Buyers Work

In the buyer/seller environment, preferences and practices have changed incredibly quickly and will most likely continue to do so. Vendors need a clear view of what their customers want and what steps their company can take to address those needs. Traditional face-to-face interactions have, out of necessity, given way to sales and support via videoconference, webinar, telephone, chatbot, and other means. In this remote and digital world, however, we believe it is highly likely that there is still a crucial role for the human touch.