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Anchor Sales Knowledge | Sandler Training in Manitoba

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Sales Mastery Program

The only way to grow sales and profits is through your team.
Do You Have a Sales Team Who Can Master Selling?

Are You Tired of:

  • Chasing buyers who won't return their calls or emails?
  • Dealing with buyers who get their ideas, and partner with another business?
  • Wasting time with unqualified leads?
  • Making presentations to people who can't or won't make decisions?
  • Their proposals are used as bargaining chips to negotiate better prices?
  • Handing one stall or objection only to have another emerge?
  • Having to work so hard to get buyers to make commitments?
  • Feeling frustrated because they can't get their buyers to keep the commitments they finally got them to make?
  • Constantly looking for new ways to find buyers that don't require cold calls?
  • Inconsistent sales forecasts and results?


  • Take control of the selling process.
  • Learn how to qualify buyers before investing time, money and energy pursuing them.
  • Close more sales, more quickly, more easily, and more profitably.
  • Have fun with your sales career; be treated like a professional.
  • Become a sales master and respected contributor.
  • Be comfortable prospecting and making the cold calls.
  • Develop relationships with prospects.
  • Know how to up-sell and drive new opportunities.
  • Learn how to stop giving away free consulting.
  • Get through the gatekeepers to the right decision maker.
  • Understand the techniques needed to prospect effectively.

Weekly sessions available on Wednesdays -remotely & in-person(when not in pandemic) 8:00am-10:00am