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Anchor Sales Knowledge | Sandler Training in Manitoba

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Are you a Sales Leader, Business Owner or CEO that's frustrated with mediocre results? Learn about how to make good sales people, better. Get More!

This will be an In-Person OR Interactive Remote Talk on:

"Why Sales People Fail & What You Can Do About It!"

Tuesday, July 7 @ 1:00-2:30pm
Tuesday, July 21 @ 1:00-2:30pm
Tuesday, August 4 @ 1:00-2:30pm


When it comes to growing your customer base, is your team...

  • Frustrated that deals seem to sit in your funnel forever?
  • Concerned that referrals and inbound leads have turned your team into order takers?
  • Disappointed that you never seem to get a straight answer on your sales forecast
  • Upset that your sales people seem to walk though a revolving door

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Are you effectively filling your pipeline?

This talk is for Sales Leaders, CEO’s and Small Business Owners who want to know...

  • Why do prospects backs go up when you ask “how are you?”
  • Why your prospects always seem to avoid committing to next steps
  • Learn new techniques for taking the pressure off you and your prospect
  • How to re-gain control of your sales or sales teams

A few key takeaways of our Talks were:

"I have never met anyone else in my sales circle applying the Law of Attraction and affirmations to business practice. I feel validated, thank you! The webinar helped zone in on identifying strengths and weaknesses and where I need more resources. I will need to take some time for the information to digest and journal specific needs and wants. Behaviour is still my number one. This was a gift, great way to view sales that I can align with, albeit too brief a webinar! Feeling grateful to have had this one hour to learn and become better at what I do."

"Opened my eyes to what is going on and how to prepare to keep going and come out of this stronger"

"Gave some insights into social selling that I will now put in practice."

"Word tracking and email etiquette (transparency and honesty) at a time of uncertainty is very helpful material to help coach our team!"

"Gave me some new ways to help prospect via online channels. It also showed how to be kind and compassionate whilst trying to make a sale."

Sandler Foundation Course really helped me understand a different way of selling and a different way of thinking about myself as a salesperson. This new way of thinking and doing has landed me clients, and helped my approach. Clint and Heather were amazing, and I am so lucky that I get to work with them in the Mastery program.

Leilah Perchaluk