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Interactive Remote Talks

Wednesday, June 3 @ 11:00 am-12:00pm - Executive Briefing on "Why Sales People Fail & What You Can Do About It!"

Tuesday, June 16 @ 9:00 am- 10:00am - Executive Briefing on "Why Sales People Fail & What You Can Do About It!"

These Talks are NOT Webinars!

Webinars are where many people casually watch slides and listen to a presentation. In our experience this is passive learning, at Sandler we practice active learning. By participating actively with video interaction our experience is that attendees get greater insights and actions from the outcomes.

If you have a technical restriction to participating, please contact us at ahead of time to make an exception.

  • Require you to share your video so we can all see and communicate
  • Encourage you to participate in discussions
  • Be using the breakout room function in Zoom to workshop some ideas

A few key takeaways of our Talks were:

  • "I have never met anyone else in my sales circle applying the Law of Attraction and affirmations to business practice. I feel validated, thank you! The webinar helped zone in on identifying strengths and weaknesses and where I need more resources. I will need to take some time for the information to digest and journal specific needs and wants. Behaviour is still my number one. This was a gift, great way to view sales that I can align with, albeit too brief a webinar! Feeling grateful to have had this one hour to learn and become better at what I do."
  • "Opened my eyes to what is going on and how to prepare to keep going and come out of this stronger"
  • "Gave some insights into social selling that I will now put in practice."
  • "Word tracking and email etiquette (transparency and honesty) at a time of uncertainty is very helpful material to help coach our team!"
  • "Gave me some new ways to help prospect via online channels. It also showed how to be kind and compassionate whilst trying to make a sale."

How to Succeed at Leading Remotely

This Not Not Webinar is for CEO's, VP's and Sales Managers whom have unique demands put on them to lead their teams in very uncertain times. This discussion will focus on best practices to keep your team accountable and engaged.

Executive Briefing - Why Sales People Fail

This Executive Briefing is for CEO's, VP's and Sales Managers whom have a successful team but may be caught in a rut of prospect chasing, have painfully long selling cycles, costly price concessions, eroding margins, or maybe unmet sales forecasts.

Be our guest for this upcoming workshop and learn how to:
• Minimize the time spent with prospects who will never buy
• Go into the sales process, guided by your system, not the prospect’s
• NOT give away free consulting
• Use good sales habits that build up your margins

Join us as Clint Unrau, Sandler Manitoba shares some practical insights on how to re-choreograph the buyer/seller dance, so that the seller leads and the buyer closes!

How to Succeed at Selling Remotely

This Not Not Webinar is for sales professionals looking to proactively handle difficult conversations with customers. We will help you develop a systematic process for using technology to communicate and maintain a positive mindset that will keep sales flowing during uncertain times   Join us to learn some best practices on how to sell in a down market. 

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